(VIDEO)What an unfortunate defeat for Cholo and Atlético: With a knee, in the 99th minute


Atlético Madrid was defeated 3:2 at Cadiz tonight, in a very unfortunate way for them.

Although in most of the game Atlético was more dominant, as evidenced by the statistics, in the end they did not leave this visit with points.

Cadiz took the lead in the first minute, and then the next goal had to wait until the 81st minute, when Fernandez made it 2:0, but then the guests seemed to wake up from their sleep. In the 85th minute, Hernandez scored an own goal and reduced the score to 2:1, just three minutes later Felix scored a goal for the guests’ great celebration.

But when everyone thought that the match was over, Sobrino brought victory to the hosts, with a goal in the 99th minute.