(VIDEO)Shame and elimination from the Champions League, but something incredible happened at Camp Nou. A surprising return from the dressing room


Barcelona failed to reach the minimum objective required by the club so that the Catalans could pass the 16th stage of the Champions League. In fact, third place in the group was secure even before the Blaugrana played against Bayern. Inter’s victory over Viktoria Plzen had effectively already blocked the path to qualification for Barcelona, who were then beaten 3-0 by the Germans at the Camp Nou.
Xavi’s team has 4 points in the standings and is already certain to play at least the Europa League. An objective that now becomes a priority for the ambitions and emblem of Barcelona but also for the club. Laporta was counting heavily on the revenue that a qualification to the second round would bring to the Blaugrana’s coffers. Barcelona’s economic problems have been known for some time and the Catalan club had to do everything to make it through.