(VIDEO)Henry does a detailed analysis of Darwin Nunez, his analysis has made people think


Thierry Henry, one of the greatest strikers in Premier League history, has analyzed Liverpool forward Darwin Nunez and his start in England’s top flight.

The former Arsenal striker joined Jamie Carragher and Micah Richards on duty as he offered his analysis on a range of topics during Tuesday night’s Champions League coverage, including the much talked about Nunez.

The Uruguayan striker, who has scored seven goals in all competitions for Liverpool this season, has flirted between glamor and mediocrity in a Reds shirt.

But what does Henry think of the former Benfica player? Carragher was interested to hear what the Frenchman had to say and that is excellent.


Henry believes Nunez would be more “cool in front of goal” if his mindset was different.

“I think he needs confidence, and the confidence I’m talking about is when you’re in a club and you feel like you’re going to play week in and week out, you’re a little bit cooler in front of goal,” Henry first told CBS.

“Because he wants to please so much and do so much and wants to wow the Liverpool fans, sometimes he rushes. He takes the ball and rushes it instead of checking, turning to his right foot and finishing cleanly.”


“I got through this. When it arrives as a big signing, it just goes overboard sometimes. Coming in as Sadio Mane’s successor, it’s not easy to do that and you just overdo it instead of being calm, cool and finishing the action.”

“He’s the type of guy where when he does that, then things will come. I don’t think he’s a finisher like Robbie Fowler, because not many people are finishers like Robbie Fowler.”

“He is a little different. Sometimes he will rush a bit like Alexis Sanchez or like the young Luis Suarez,” concluded the Frenchman.


Otherwise, Nunez was on the scoresheet for Liverpool on Tuesday night as they won 2-0 against Serie A leaders Napoli.