(VIDEO)Barcelona and the Pique case, the images are viral on social networks


Barcelona won against Valencia in extra minutes and although the hero of the challenge was Robert Lewandowski with the goal of three points, it is impossible not to talk about the occasion that saw Gerard Pique involved.
The Spanish defender was called by Xavi to enter the field after Kounde’s injury, but he was not ready. In the images of the match, which have gone viral on the Internet, it is possible to see that there was a lot of movement on the bench to help the defender “prepare” for entering the field.
In particular, members of the technical staff and Sergio Busquets tried to get the protectors and boots, but the latter were tied and tangled.
So, after a few moments, and various attempts to fix the shoes, Pique entered the field anyway, but one of the shoes was not tied and was quickly fixed.
Despite the criticism directed at the defender, Xavi, as reported by Marca, defended him: “He was missing the defenders and socks, he was not warming up and the replacement was not in the program”.