(VIDEO)14 years later: Ronaldo is yet to explain his greatest assist


Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo has scored over 700 goals at club level, but scoring isn’t his only strength. And the Portuguese showed that in his first stay at Manchester United, when his role was not to score goals, but to create situations and assist.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest assist

In 2008, Ronaldo made probably the biggest assist of his career, and on social networks they joke that the Portuguese is obliged to give an explanation for it, and he hasn’t done it in 14 years. Cristiano’s virtuoso pass came against Aston Villa in the Premier League when no one could believe what he had produced.

Ronaldo’s gem pass

United were leading 2-0 when in the 53rd minute Ronaldo received a pass in the center of the field with his back to the opponent’s goal. Ronaldo takes one touch and backheels it past Wayne Rooney, who is squared against the keeper to score.

Ronaldo’s assist for Rooney
However, no one is suggesting that Ronaldo can pass to Rooney who is behind him, and everyone expects the Portuguese to direct the ball to another team-mate on the wing. However, Cristiano’s passing was so good that it is still considered the greatest of his career to this day.

Ronaldo joined Manchester United in 2003 while Rooney was still part of the Everton squad. Welcome to the Premier League Wayne Rooney greeted Ronaldo with a brutal split.