The worst defeat in Messi’s career: I didn’t sleep for a whole year


It’s not that defeat against Liverpool with 0-4, it’s not even against Inter, and not even someone from Real, with whom he met most of the time in his career.

The most painful defeat of Lionel Messi is the final of the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. This was revealed by his first representative Fabian Soldini who is most responsible for the move to Barcelona more than two decades ago. In 2015, Messi called him to his home and confessed what he had not told anyone until then.

“When I was at his home, I hadn’t seen him before for ten years, he said to me: Fabi, it’s been a year since I can’t sleep, I wake up and think about that final,” Soldini said.

It is interesting that the following year, less than 365 days after the defeat by Germany, Messi won the triple crown with Barcelona, ​​as well as the Ballon d’Or, but even that did not cover the failure of the Brazilian Maracana.