The investigation that shocked Italian football! A secret document of Ronaldo and Juventus worth 20 million euros was found


As the Italian “Gazetta Dello Sport” reports, investigators have found a “secret document” signed by Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo in which the club promised its former striker 20 million euros despite announcements of salary adjustments during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

Juventus is now under investigation for false accounting and false communications with the market. The soccer giant is suspected of falsifying its accounts for 2019, 2020 and 2021, and 16 of its directors and bosses, including president Andrea Agnelli and vice-president Pavel Nedved, are under investigation, the prosecutor in Turin confirmed on Monday.!
This is not all as investigators are trying to prove that Juve players not only gave up four months of wages during the March 2020 COVID pandemic, but still received payments for three months after signing private documents with Juventus.

The reference to a “known document that theoretically shouldn’t exist” arose from the wiretapping of Juventus executives last December, and according to the Gazette, investigators have now found a document signed by Ronaldo and the club.
According to the report, Juventus have promised to pay Ronaldo 19.9 million euros even if he leaves the club. The prosecutor from Turin believes that the payment agreed by both parties was not regularly registered in the financial report of Juventus. La Stampa reported on Monday that the Manchester United forward had been asked to clarify his position but refused to speak to the Turin prosecutor.

Juventus were cleared earlier this year by Sporting Justice and clarified in a statement on Tuesday that “the March 2020 wage cut was negotiated after matches resumed and stadiums reopened”.