The apocalypse awaits Juventus, they will end up like the “Titanic”


Since the beginning of this season, Antonio Cassano has become one of the most critical people in the direction of the coach of Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri. The ex-striker has returned to attack the Livorno technician of the white-and-whites while emphasizing that the club risks being damaged financially if it continues to keep Allegri on the bench. According to Cassano, Juventus risks an end like that of the “Titanic”.

“Juventus risks “bloodshed” by Allegri. He thinks he’s cunning, but I don’t see the footballers following him on the pitch, he’s not trustworthy anymore. I still don’t understand how Juventus is keeping him in the direction, what do they expect? Perhaps, they are waiting for an end like “Titanic” to make a decision.

He spent 100 million euros on Vlahocic and Zakaria, and then they make this figure… The fans don’t deserve this. Excuses can probably be used by coaches like Guardiola, Ancelotti or Klopp who in the end manage to get results and trophies. If Juventus continues in this direction, then it will be a financial apocalypse for them”, said Cassano.