The “accusation” for the Barcelona player is being saved for the World Cup


Memphis Depay’s delayed recovery is raising more questions at Barcelona. According to the initial prognosis, the Dutch striker would have to return within a maximum period of four to five weeks. Memphis was injured at the end of September, but even though five weeks have passed, no one at the club dares to give a date for his return.

There are those who think this is the obvious strategy for Memphis to go to the World Cup in the best possible conditions, not risking any injuries in the remaining games before the start of the biggest soccer event of the year.

Of course, at Barça no one expects Memphis for the two remaining games before the World Cup. He won’t be against Almería on Saturday either and it looks very unlikely for him to feature on Tuesday in Pamplona.

The player will be placed under the orders of the coach of the Netherlands, Van Gaal, from the first day of the collection.