Terrorist attack foiled at El Clasico


The coronavirus pandemic at its peak in 2020 claimed many lives, but in this case it saved them. The bomber wanted to detonate the explosives at El Clasico, which fortunately failed.

A jihadist from the Islamic State (IS) group attempted to carry out a drone attack during the Barcelona-Real Madrid derby at the Camp Nou stadium.

In the end, the attack did not happen, and the Spanish media reports that the attacker was sentenced to three years in prison.

A former bar employee, a man whose age is unknown, became a “member of the Islamic State during a rapid radicalization process” in the spring of 2020 when Spain was under quarantine, according to evidence presented in court.

Calling for “jihad and martyrdom” in March 2020 on Facebook, a man was contacted by a member of the Islamic State group, who initiated him on the encrypted messaging service Telegram, instructing him to carry out an attack “to purify himself and secure a place in heaven.”

The man was supposed to send a drone filled with explosives over Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium during El Clasico and detonate it inside the stadium.

The bomber would have carried out his plan, but the Spanish championship was then interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“In every evil there is something good”, is a famous folk saying that proved itself in this case, considering that the pandemic saved someone’s life.