Tebas attacks PSG and the sheikh: Al-Khelaifi knows no limits


The president of the Spanish Football League, Javier Tebas, returns to attack the club and the president of PSG, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, in connection with the staggering expenses which, according to him, are also overlooked by UEFA. Tebas emphasizes that in this form, competition is destroyed while adding that UEFA fined AL-Khelaif with a 10 million euro fine, but adds that this figure for the sheik of the French is like spending to pay for “coffee”.

“Everyone already knows that PSG paid a “mountain” of money to keep Mbappe. But, knowing Al-Khelaif, I know that he knows no limits and if he had to spend 200 million euros, he still wouldn’t have hesitated. He doesn’t stop until he achieves his goals and has proven that money is never a problem for him. But with the rules set by UEFA, it seems impossible for PSG to spend such figures. In the last six or seven seasons, PSG has lost a billion euros. Thus, they have falsified the European football system. How can other clubs compete with someone who loses a billion euros? It’s very complicated.

PSG’s relationship with UEFA? I don’t understand, and that’s why I started to denounce what happens to PSG’s balance sheets. The rules must be applied in a more efficient way, UEFA punished PSG with 10 million euros, but for Al-Khelaif, 10 million is like paying “coffee”. The punishments should be more convincing and this should also interest the players as it is not good,” Tebas told L’Equipe.