Ronaldo’s family entered a bad movie: His sister compared Cristiano to Jesus Christ


While Cristiano Ronaldo is going through the most difficult moments of his career, his sister Katja Aveiro does not miss a day without attacking Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag.

In her latest writing, she even compared her brother to Jesus Christ, i.e. his sufferings, and also used a statement by Jose Mourinho.

“There is a verse in the Bible that says: This man has been handed over to you by God’s plan and with the help of the wicked you will kill him by crucifixion. If you are not able to train the best, you cannot train anyone,” Ronaldo’s sister wrote.

It is unclear where this anger of the footballer’s family comes from if it is known that Ten Haag only treats Cristiano like the rest of the team. Ronaldo didn’t come to United’s training and spent the whole summer looking for a transfer to another club, and no one wanted him in their ranks.