Ramos was shaken by one hard news after another


Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos lost two people who played an important role in his life in just two weeks.

Two plane crashes took the lives of his friends. On October 19, his childhood friend Santiago Duran Alzugaray died on the flight between Lugo and Cordoba, and today news of a new accident arrived.

His longtime collaborator Rainer Schaller lost his life in a plane crash in Central America. During the summer, on October 21, he disappeared from the radar and since then all trace of him has been lost.

“I still can’t believe it. This is an irreparable and very painful loss. We have lost a great man, a tireless worker, a wonderful person and above all a great friend”, wrote Ramos and added:

“Thank you for your joy, trust and generosity. Thank you for making me a part of the whole family. We will always remember you. Our thoughts are with your loved ones”, said Ramos.

A German businessman was involved in a plane crash in Costa Rica, and the search officially ended on Tuesday.

“We have officially completed the search for the plane. “After 11 days of efforts, we concluded that there is no point in continuing the search for survivors,” the police said.

Schaller was traveling on the plane with his girlfriend and two children (five and six years old), the pilot and another man of German nationality.

This businessman was on the verge of death in August. He had a serious accident driving a Lamborghini, but managed to get away without serious injuries.

Together with Ramos, there were businesses related to opening fitness gyms across Europe.