Pique was not the only one to cry: He also shed a tear because he realized that the same was waiting for him very soon


Gerard Pique played the last game of his playing career at the Camp Nou stadium last night, and the Barcelona fans gave him an amazing farewell that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Pique couldn’t hide his tears at the end of the game, but he wasn’t the only Barca player crying.

After last night’s match against Almeria, Pique spoke a few sentences in front of the packed stands and made it clear that one day he will surely return to Barcelona, ​​and many hope that it will be as the president of the club.

However, a video posted by Barcelona on social networks has come into the spotlight.

That was the moment Pique broke down in tears as he made his end-of-match statement, addressing the entire stadium, but many noted that he wasn’t the only Barca player in tears last night.

Jordi Alba was seen crying in the background as Pique said goodbye to fans and teammates. It was clear that it was all quite emotional for Alba as well, given that he shared the dressing room with Pique at Barcelona for more than ten years.

Also, many believe that Alba was quite emotional about the fact that he too is expected to leave the club soon and that he probably became fully aware of it last night.

Along with Pique, Alba is also a player who has not played nearly as much minutes this season as before, and the Spanish media have been writing for some time that it will not be a surprise if this experienced left back leaves the Catalan club in January.