Official: Champions League won the two weakest clubs in history


Last night, Glasgow Rangers disappointed the fans on their own ground after losing 3:1 to Ajax and ended their adventure in the Champions League without a single point won. The defeat of Glasgow Rangers also meant setting a new infamous record in UEFA’s elite European competition. The Scottish team became the weakest club in the history of the group stage because they did not win a single point, and in the end had a goal difference of only two goals conceded and as many as 22 goals conceded. Glasgow Rangers was in a group with Napoli, Liverpool and Ajax, and had the heaviest defeat at home against Liverpool with 1:7.

With this result, Glasgow Rangers broke the infamous record of Dinamo Zagreb, who in 2011 finished the group stage without a single point won, with a goal difference of 3:22. Dynamo was then in a group with Real Madrid, Lyon and Ajax.

Apart from Glasgow Rangers, Dynamo’s anti-record was also surpassed by Viktoria Plzeň, a team that was in the “group of death” with Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Barcelona, ​​and in the end finished the group stage without points, with a goal difference of 5:24. (minus 19).