“I don’t want to go to Camp Nou” Real Madrid beat Barcelona in a new deal


Real Madrid’s rivals in the race for Endrick are clear and more than visible to a Juni Calafat who is not afraid of what is being said about Fútbol Club Barcelona at this time.

The white scout director knows the limits of his opponents, as well as the confessions that the 16-year-old makes to those around him: “I’m not going to the Camp Nou.”

Who fights with Real Madrid for Endrick? More than one fan of the white team wonders about a Santiago Bernabéu where the effervescence for the signing of the Brazilian grows with the passing of the hours.

While the club waits for new information from Sao Paulo, Juani Calafat listens to the striker’s greatest confession to those around him: “I don’t want to go to Barça.”

It has been talking fully these days in relation to that interest that the culé team would have to take over who has become the new target for the forward managed by Florentino Pérez and the board. In the midst of endless information where Madridismo does not ignore all the noise generated, Calafat has been the first to transmit calm through the Spanish capital.

The director of scouts of Real Madrid, as we have told in Central Defense, is sure of being able to close the arrival of the Palmeiras crack no matter who gets in his way.

Everything is on wheels right now and it has been Juni himself who has confirmed his vision on the subject with a phrase that will hurt the heart of Catalonia.

“I don’t want to go to Barça”

It is the confession and expression of the young man to his closest entourage that has reached the ears of Juni Calafat.

The Real Madrid scouting director knows that the rumors coming from the Camp Nou, where Endrick was months ago, have little or nothing to do with what is at stake, but really with a campaign to muddy the ground in favor of those who they are truly rivals of ours in this bidding.

Only Paris Saint Germain and the Premier League have been betting, as Real Madrid has been doing for months, on the great jewel of Brazilian football. Barcelona is a mere spectator and Endrick does not doubt the few opportunities he has to grow right now in a culé team that is falling apart economically and in sports. Calafat, closer than ever to achieving his goal.