Here are the reasons for Pique’s surprise farewell!


Gerard Pique surprised all football fans and not only when he declared that Barcelona’s next match at Camp Nou against Almeria would be the last in his career. The defender leaves as an icon of the club with which he won all the trophies while being an essential part of one of the 11s that are considered to be among the best in the history of Barcelona and the history of football.

But what are the reasons for Pique’s surprise move? In Spain, they try to answer this question and get into the thoughts of the 35-year-old. The main reason is the loss of the protagonist, especially in this season. The club approached several defenders in the market making it clear that Pique was out of the plans.

Another strong reason that seems to have directly influenced Pique’s decision to leave football is that match with Inter at Camp Nou. The defender was decisive in a negative sense with his defensive blunders penalizing the team who were ultimately eliminated from the Champions League groups to continue their European adventure in the Europa League.

The next reason? Fans! Pique had lost the support of the Catalans at Camp Nou. There were many complaints and disputes about the defender, precisely as a result of the poor form shown on the field, but also a breakdown in relations due to the salary issue with Pique who refused to make a discount.

Chronic physical problems are another reason why Pique was forced to leave in the middle of the season. The Spaniard’s concerns continue from last season and despite the fact that they were less active this season, the fear still existed.

Personal problems are also a strong reason. The breakup with Shakira also affected Pique’s psychological state, even more so when it took on extraordinary public proportions and the heated debates of the former couple appeared in the media.

Last but not least. The promise to his coach and friend, Xavi Hernandez. Pique was announced at the beginning of the season by the coach that new defenders would be transferred to the market. But he insisted he would fight for starting status and earn it with his performances, otherwise he would retire as he could not end his career as a substitute with Barcelona.

Pique failed to measure up and in this form succumbed to his promise to Xavi to have a happier ending with the team where he spent 16 seasons and became one of the most valued defenders in history.