First time in his career in Real Madrid happened this to Kroos


Real Madrid dropped points for the second time this season in La Liga after a 1-1 Girona at the Santiago Bernabeu. It did include a career first though for one of their key veterans.

German midfielder Toni Kroos received the first red card of his career. In the second half he brought down Yan Couto with a cynical challenge to prevent the Brazilian escaping down the line. In the 92nd minute, as Real Madrid pushed for the winner, Kroos shut down another attack before it could get started and was given his marching orders.

After 775 appearances, Toni Kroos took the first red card of his career, aged 32, with a smile.

— Football España (@footballespana_) October 30, 2022

It took him until the age of 32 to receive a red card but when it came, he took it with a wry smile. Between the three teams in his career, Germany, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, Kroos had made 775 appearances before seeing red in his 776th. It goes to show the remarkable discipline Kroos plays with both with and without the ball.