FIFA threatened another national team with expulsion from the World Cup in Qatar, but Italy and Ukraine have no chance to replace it!


Less than a month before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the World Football Federation (FIFA) after Iran, threatened another national team that it could be thrown out of the World Cup.

FIFA has warned the Football Federation of Tunisia, in case politics penetrates deeper into football, then the national team will be expelled from the World Cup in Qatar.

The threat from FIFA comes after recent comments by the Tunisian Minister of Sports, Kamal Dagish, in which politics are involved in football and in sports in general in this African country.

The Tunisians must announce the whole situation caused by Minister Dagish by next week and send the official letter to the FIFA headquarters.

Speculations have already begun as to who could come in as a replacement in case Tunisia is suspended, but one thing is certain, it would not be Italy and Ukraine, who are the biggest conspirators to kick Iran out of the World Cup in Qatar as they hope that it is they will be part of the world’s biggest football event.

According to FIFA rules, if Tunisia is kicked out of the World Cup in Qatar, its place would be taken by the best-ranked national team from the African continent, and according to the ranking, it would be Mali. It was Mali that was eliminated from Tunisia in the World Cup qualifiers.

Tunisia at the World Cup in Qatar is in Group D along with France, Denmark and Australia.