“Depression does not ask if you have millions”, Iniesta: They do not save you from mental difficulties


Andres Iniesta has recently spoken about his life and career as a footballer. The former Barcelona star confessed that he had problems with depression.

In a recent interview, Iniesta was asked how it is possible for a person who has millions to suffer from depression and his answer was that mental problems do not ask about millions.

The life of a famous footballer and millionaire may seem beautiful, but it has its dark side. You also suffered from severe depression years ago, why does this happen to someone who seems to have everything?

Because depression is something that happens to people and it doesn’t matter your profession or economic situation. They are problems that come to you without knowing why and that you have to face and overcome. In this maturation process, everyone copes with it in a different way. Having more or less money has no bearing in these cases. A good economic position helps you a lot in life, but it doesn’t free you from a difficult mental episode like the one I went through.