Cristiano Ronaldo blanks Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher cannot get enough of it


Jamie Carragher was first to laugh at Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville after he was blanked by Cristiano Ronaldo on Sunday afternoon following criticism of his ex-team-mate

Manchester United legend Gary Neville was left with egg on his face when he was blanked by Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the Red Devils’ clash with West Ham.

The 37-year-old jogged over to the Sky Sports table, where he offered a warm greeting to former team-mate Louis Saha. Ronaldo also offered a handshake to Jamie Redknapp, but Neville was left without a hello as Ronaldo jogged off.

Neville laughed it off as David Jones quipped: “You see Gary, Jamie Carragher will tell you that’s what happens if you speak against Cristiano.” And Neville responded: “We’re off the Christmas card list aren’t we!”

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Carragher was blanked by Ronaldo earlier this season in a similar scenario as Ronaldo spoke to Neville and Roy Keane.

The Portuguese superstar stormed past the ex-Liverpool man as he exchanged pleasantries with Keane. In response to the incident on Sunday, Carragher tweeted: “Welcome to the blanked by Ronaldo club @GNev2,” with two laughing emojis.

Both Carragher and Neville have now been snubbed by Ronaldo after criticising him at United this season.

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Speaking on Sky Sports, Neville said: “We know him, we love him but he can’t accept not being the star man. He’s going to have to leave, that’s it. That’s all it is.” Keane then added Ronaldo should have left over the summer.

To which Neville continued: “I hope he leaves next week. He can say to the club, ‘thank you very much’ and find a new club, because I’d like to see him score goals until he’s 42, scoring 1,000 goals.”

Sunday afternoon is the third time Ronaldo has started for United this season – and he has only found the net once in the Premier League so far this season.