Bayern with a younger squad against Inter, Ibrahimovic can also play!


The coach of Bayern Munich, Julian Nagelsmann, plans to give some of the youngsters a chance against Inter tonight. The Bavarians have already secured the first place in the “group of death”, but even with a combined composition they will try to get the sixth victory in six matches.

At Bayern’s last training session, several youngsters also appeared: goalkeeper Tom Ritzi Hulsman, defenders Justin Janicek and Gabriel Marusic, as well as the German of Kosovar origin, Arijon Ibrahimovic, who plays in the midfield.

The talented Paul Wanner, who has been a part of Bayern’s first team since last season, but because of the competition, rarely gets a chance, can also get a minute.

Nagelsmann confirmed that Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller, Leroy Sane, Lucas Hernandez, Matthijs de Licht and Buena Sarr will not play tonight.