Barcelona without Messi simply does not know how to pass the group stage of the Champions League


Last night, Barcelona was eliminated from the Champions League, even before going on the field to play the match against Bayern.

Although they could play without any pressure, the Barcelona players did not offer any resistance against Bayern, who won 0:3 at the Nou Camp.

Thus, before the end of the group stage, it is clear that Barcelona cannot advance to the next round and continue their European journey in the Europa League.

Xavi’s team missed the knockout stage of the Champions League for the second time in a row, as last year they finished third in the group.

More specifically, Benfica finished ahead of Barcelona, ​​and of course Bayern, which is slowly becoming a real nightmare for Barcelona.

An interesting fact appeared after the elimination of Barcelona, ​​and it is closely related to Lionel Messi, and it seems that this team simply cannot do without him.

Namely, before Messi’s arrival in Barcelona, ​​this team played in a competition that was not the Champions League for two years in a row.

After Messi came to the club, Barcelona played in the Champions League for seventeen years in a row, and went through the group stage.

Now that Messi is not in Barcelona, ​​this club fails to pass the group stage for the second year without him, and the competition continues in the European League.

It remains to be seen if the same fate awaits them next year, and who knows, maybe Messi will return to Barcelona, ​​so everything will be much easier for them.