A new blow to the defender of Barcelona, Spain introduced an “Anti-Pique” law


With yesterday’s 0:3 defeat by Bayern Munich, the Barcelona team has been eliminated from the Champions League and the performances will continue in the knockout phase of the Europa League, and today one of the team’s captains, Gerard Pique, received a new blow.

The Spanish government introduced a new article in the law that the media called the “Anti-Pique” law.

Namely, Article 37 of the Sports Law was amended so that now athletes are prohibited from being commercially associated with the competitions in which they play.

This change in the law was made after the controversies that were caused by the organization of the Spanish football Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

The Football Federation of Spain entrusted the organization of the Super Cup to the Cosmos company, which is owned by Pique.

The contract was worth 24,000,000 euros, but it caused great controversy and reactions because many believed it was a conflict of interest.

In order to prevent such things from happening in the future, the Spanish government intervened by amending the law.